About The Katharine Mitchell School Of Dance

The School was established in 1997 following the retirement of the late Heather Cope. The school offers dance tuition and preparation for examinations for children from 2 ½ years onwards in its four core disciplines.

Classical ballet

The cornerstone for all dancers with ballet forming the basis for many other dance styles. This historic form of dance needs little introduction. Ballet aims to teach children poise, posture, grace, co-ordination, technique and general musical awareness. The school follow’s the world renowned Royal Academy of Dance’s syllabi, with the school’s principal having studied at the RAD. Classes start from 2 ½ years with exams taken from 5 years. Adult ballet classes are also offered.

Modern Jazz

A form of dance that evolved from Ballet – where the movement is freer and the music from the current day. Modern Jazz mixes lyrical dance with up tempo rhythms and acts as the basis for Street Jazz, disco and other forms of dance. Classes start from 5 years.

Street Jazz

Combines the characteristics of street dance with other more traditional dance forms -a mixture of modern hip hop styles and jazz dance.  Street Jazz dance is an up to date, fun class with an amazing mix of fast, complex footwork, refined and polished spins and acrobatic floor moves. Classes are split between under 12’s and over 12’s.


A rhythmical style of dance which provides an enjoyable way for young dancers to develop their co-ordination and appreciate the enjoyment of percussive sound and movement. Tap originated from the combination of Irish Dancing and African drum rhythms. Classes start from 2 ½ years.




To book a trial lesson contact Katharine at school@kmitchelldance.co.uk or on her mobile 07969669315.