Why dance?

Why dance?

Dance encourages the love of music, rhythm, artistic creativity, enhances social skills and confidence. Learning how to dance can improve a child’s self confidence and self esteem as well as aiding coordination and providing exercise.

At the school we seek to promote dance and its benefits across all our chosen disciplines to children of all abilities. Pupils with the desire and talent who wish to pursue a career in dance will be given every opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Through a caring and supportive environment we aim to provide children with opportunity to experience the joy of dancing and the opportunity to achieve their own personal potential.

Parents, grandparents and siblings are encouraged to take an active part in the school’s activities and are all invited to watch the children during open evenings at the end of each term.

We aim to keep costs to a minimum and to provide children with an activity which represents excellent value for money. 

Children will be given the opportunity to perform and express themselves during the school’s annual dance show and to feel a sense of achievement through the Academy’s examination programme where the school has an excellent track record.


To find out more contact Katharine at school@kmitchelldance.co.uk or on her mobile 07969669315, or book a trial lesson.