classes 6-10 years

Ballet is the foundation for the majority of dance styles, helping to develop a child’s co-ordination, posture and flexibility.

Grade 1 Ballet and upwards

These ballet classes seek to expand your child’s ballet technique and knowledge whilst maintain a focus on enjoyment and engagement. The School follows the RAD syllabi and students are encouraged to enter annual exams (subject to parental approval), to progress through the grades and to reach their full potential.

Refer to timetable for days/times

Junior Tap (6yrs +)

The art of tap is a wonderful skill for a dancer to possess. Junior tap develops a child’s rhythm and musicality in an entertaining and supportive environment.

Wednesdays, 4.40pm, combined with Junior Jazz

Grade 2 Tap (8yrs +)

A class for dancers with previous tap experience, looking to build on your child’s existing skills and techniques. The school follows the IDTA syllabus and students are encouraged to enter grading exams.

Tuesdays, 6.30pm, combined with Jazz/Modern

Junior Jazz (6yrs +)

A popular and energetic class for children eager to learn cool moves and dance routines to their favourite music, building their confidence whilst making new friends.

Wednesdays, 4.40pm, combined with Junior Tap

Jazz/Modern (8yrs +)

An energetic class, popular with children wanting to learn all the latest moves and routines to their favourite popular music.

Tuesdays, 6.00pm

Junior Street Jazz (5yrs +)

Fun and energetic whilst learning the latest moves to favourite popular music. Look out as your child is sure to come away with routines to teach you at home.

Mondays, 4.30pm

AcroDance Levels 2 and 3

A unique blend of dancing and gymnastic disciplines. The class builds on the foundations of level 2, in developing your child’s ability to perform cartwheels, tumbles, handstands and bridges, building their strength, flexibility and stamina. Taught by a qualified AcroDance teacher and following the Acrobatics Arts syllabus.

Level 2 Thursdays 4.15pm, Fridays 4.55pm; Level 3 Thursdays 4.55pm

Musical Theatre (6yrs +)

If your child enjoys dancing, singing and acting, then this is the class for them. They will learn to perform songs from their favourite musicals and you will see their confidence grow week by week.

Wednesday, 6.00pm

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